BlenderDMX 1.4.3 Released

Fix crash on Intel macOS, Add Device label to 2D view

Thanks to @Bartel-C8, we have now identified the source of crash on Intel macOS 🎉. Devices can now show Device name, or DMX address, or Fixture ID in the 2D layout view. Project data can now not only be exported/imported but also completely cleared out (erased). Several small but important things were fixed.

  • Fix Intel Mac crashing on Create New Show - remove unnecessary setup class unregistration
  • Display device label (name, id, or dmx) in 2D
  • Rework ‘Re-address only’ to ‘Advanced edit’ for clarity
  • Add Clear Project data button to clear the addon directory
  • Add development related ‘Reload BlenderDMX addon’ button to Extras
  • Update translations
  • Reload profiles after data clearing or loading
  • Fix Volume box migration - prevent always deleting volume box on file load
  • Fix gobo projection for fixtures without zoom
  • Fix ‘Clear/Clear all’ in Programmer
  • Fix ColorPicker when mixing single unit

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