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BlenderDMX 1.4.4 Released

Fixture kinematic chain redesign, color mixer improvements Refactor GDTF assembling to use parent child relationship Do not fail when removing (perhaps a faulty) fixture Ensure a fixture with just a single color mixing can be operated Prevent color mixing drifting on refresh Translation updates for Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

BlenderDMX 1.4.3 Released

Fix crash on Intel macOS, Add Device label to 2D view Thanks to @Bartel-C8, we have now identified the source of crash on Intel macOS 🎉. Devices can now show Device name, or DMX address, or Fixture ID in the 2D layout view.

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BlenderDMX 1.4.2 Released

Workflow improvements based on feedback of dryHeat from Discord Many small and big workflow improvements have been implemented, from improved keyframe storing (indicate fixtures with modified state, save only fixtures with changed data, allow saving only selected fixtured), through indication of DMX patching collision, manual pushing of Programing Panel when render is paused for improved speed, new tool to reset Targets to different axis, deselection by choosing a group… possibility to export/import custom data, to prevent data loss during addon updates, and lots more, see changelog below for full details.

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BlenderDMX 1.4.1 Released

Initial support for Color Wheels Color Wheels (GDTF attributes Color1, Color2 and ColorMacro1) are now supported. If CMY/RGB color is used together with a ColorWheel, these colors will be added together.

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BlenderDMX 1.4.0 Released

Initial support for lasers This release adds support for laser projection. Laser fixtures can be defined via GDTF, beams can be rotated via pan and tilt, dimmed, colored and can also be adjusted by zoom.

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BlenderDMX 1.3.3 Released

Fix render when pan/tilt was locked to target When pan/tilt were locked to Target, other attributes like zoom or color were not visualized correctly, this is now fixed. Add support for indirect color mixing attributes - ColorRGB_Red/Green/Blue.

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BlenderDMX 1.3.2 Released

Pan/Tilt control and animation enhancements Pan and Tilt control and animating has been improved by adding pan/tilt auto-lock after adjusting Target of fixtures. Target can now be selected via (Ctrl-Shift Left/Right) shortcut.

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BlenderDMX 1.3.1 Released

IES Photometrics support and Beam Lens rendering improvements in Cycles IES Photometrics import and assignments to spot light allows for more photo-realistic volumetric beam rendering. With this, more detailed beam lens settings has been added to allow further enhancing the rendering quality for beam rendering with gobo projection.

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BlenderDMX 1.3.0 Released

Gobo support in Cycles, Noise Scatter in Volume box, UI translation For quality rendering, we needed to ensure that gobos can be rendered in Cycles, this is now done. As beam visibility requires fog/haze and the smooth haze is very boring, Volume now has another setting of Noise Scatter, creating some cloudiness.

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BlenderDMX 1.2.0 Released

Keyframe Animation and DMX recording to Keyframes support added This update is adding the missing feature of BlenderDMX: keyframe based animations. Auto Keying can record sACN or Art-Net basedDMX, but also manually adjusted properties via programmer.

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