Getting Started

Download and Install BlenderDMX

See dedicated installation page here.

Create new show

After enabling the Addon, it shows up at the 3D View, as a DMX tab on the right side, which shows a single panel. Start the addon by clicking Create New Show.


Add fixtures

The fixture menu allows to Add/Edit/Remove a fixture.

Select Add:


In the GDTF Profile - BlenderDMX, select Moving Beam. Keep the rest as is and click OK:


Setup beams

Make beams visible via menu Setup → Beam Volume → Create Volume Box, to simulate ambient fog/haze. Make sure to change Viewport to Viewport Shading:


Move and control the fixture

Select the fixture in the Fixtures list:


In the Programmer, set color, put dimmer to 1, move pan and tilt:


Success! Your first lighting beam fixture:


The rendered volumetric beam can be made much nicer, see Beam Rendering. for more information.

Record keyframe

Keyframe recording in BlenderDMX is in menu Keyframe Recorder:

  • Add Keyframe allows to manually insert keyframes related to the fixture attributes, like intensity, color, gobo, beam…
  • Auto Keying turns on Blender internal auto-keying + changes to fixtures attributes (intensity, colors, gobo, beam…) are also recorded.


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